Weiilla Privacy Policy

Weiilla is the most secure and seamless instant messaging app for interactions. It is end-to-end encrypted for user integrity and safe conversations. We have rules in place for how we handle your messages, photos, videos, files, and calls.

Our goal with this privacy policy is to show that we care about your privacy and want to treat your information fairly. This page explains what information we collect from users, how we plan to use it, and why we need to use it.

Privacy Policy Scope

Everything in this policy applies to all of Weiilla's chat, video, and audio calling services as well as related products. We don't share, sell, or give away your information to others unless the law requires it. We only collect data to provide our services to you.

This Privacy Policy is divided into six parts:

  • Part - I: What information Weiilla collects
  • Part - II: How we use your information
  • Part - III: How you can manage and control your data
  • Part - IV: Information about in-app purchases
  • Part - V: How we keep your data secure and follow the rules
  • Part - VI: Information about our cookie policy
  • Part - VII: General information

Part - I: Information Weiilla Collects

What Information Weiilla Collects and Controls?

Weiilla needs to gather your information when you use our products or talk to us. We have to do this so we can give you our services. For example, we keep your email and phone number to manage your account. Sometimes, if you want to use special features, we might need more info from you. We'll tell you when we need that extra information.

Now, let's talk about the situations where we collect your information:

Information that you provide to us:

  • Your Personal Information - When you make an account, we'll need some simple info like your phone number, email, and the name you want for your profile. This way, you get your own profile in the app that you can use and control.
  • Your Messages - We may record and retain your interaction data, including contact details and chat conversations, as long as they're end-to-end encrypted. This means your messages are kept secret from anyone, even us.
  • Your Contacts and Connections - If you use our Contact Sync feature, we can sync up the contacts on your device who also use our services. This syncing can happen regularly if you choose that option. But don't worry, we won't collect any info about contacts who don't use our services.
  • Your Status Information - You may provide us with your status if you choose to include one on your profile.
  • Support and Other Required Communication - We might keep a record of your talks with our sales and customer support teams to make our service better for you and others. We'll also note down your contact info in case we need to get in touch later and keep track of the conversation.

Information that we automatically collect from you:

  • Device and Connection Related data - When you use our products or services, we gather info about your device and how it's connected. This includes details like the type of operating system your device uses, the model of your hardware, the strength of your network signal, and the version of our app you have installed.
  • Location data - If you allow it, we can keep an eye on where you are using your device's location features. This helps us know where you are and make things better for you. But if you'd rather keep your location private, you can turn off this access in your mobile app settings.
  • Usage And Log Information - When you use our service, we keep track of what you do to improve your experience. This includes things like what you like to use, how long you use our service, and how often you use it. We might also log reports about how well our products are working and if they crash so we can make them better for you.
  • User Reports - To keep things safe and orderly, we keep a record of users you've reported to us. We also collect info about interactions that other users or third parties report. This helps us understand the situation better, and we collect info about both the person reporting and the person being reported.

Information You Share With Others

  • Account-Related Information - When you chat with your friends who use our services, they can see your profile name, phone number, picture, when you were last active, and if your messages were read. But don't worry, you can change your settings to hide or show this info to others.
  • Conversations and Media - Remember, when you share your stuff with someone, they can keep or share it, like your messages, files, pictures, audio, video, location, and contacts./li>
  • Review, Ratings, and Feedback - If you write a review or feedback about our product or service on a public platform or social media, we might collect your contact info so we can chat with you, make our stuff better, and learn more about your experience with us.

Part - II: How We Use Your Information?

  • Service Provision and Enhancement - We collect your information to create special features for you in our app. We take a look at your data, find ways to make things better, fix mistakes, and make our services more personalized for you. We also use your data to come up with new ideas and features.
  • Safety, Security, And Integrity - Your safety is very important to us. We check every user's info, interactions, and what they do to make sure everything is safe. We watch our services all the time to spot any strange or risky stuff and stop it right away.
  • Duration of Information Storage - How long we keep your data depends on a few things, like why we need it, what kind of info it is, how long we should keep it, and what the law says.

Part - III: How Can You Manage and Control Your Data?

You have control over your data. You can change or delete it the way you like using these options:

  • Main Service Setting - The privacy settings let you decide what personal info can be collected and shared. You can adjust them in the app to control what others can or can't see on your profile. You can also block users if you don't want them to message you anymore.

    If you come across content that's upsetting, threatening, or abusive, you can report individual users or groups.

    And if you ever want to take a break from the app, you can delete your account in the privacy settings of the main menu.

  • Edit Basic Information - Easily update and manage your profile/ account information on your app like your name, profile picture, etc.
  • Delete Your MirrorFly Account - We respect your decision, whether you want to stay with us or leave. If you want to delete your Weiilla account, you can use our in-app "delete my account" feature.

Note: When you delete your Weiilla account, all your info, including messages that haven't been delivered yet, will be deleted from our server. But the information you've shared with other users or groups will still be there.

Part - IV: In-App Purchase

Weiilla offers a way for you to make your experience better and get extra digital stuff and features right within the app.

We have clear and straightforward prices for safe in-app purchases. You'll always know what you're paying for and how it improves your app experience.

But remember, you don't have to buy anything if you don't want to. You can use Weiilla without making any purchases. If you're under 18, you need permission from your parents to make in-app purchases.

Part - V: Data Security Compliance

We take data security very seriously and follow strict standards to show our commitment to handling your information properly. We understand the importance of protecting any personal information you share with us, and we do our best to keep your online privacy safe.

Weiilla is always working to make our privacy policy better. When you choose to give us your personal information, we use it within Weiilla or sometimes share it with third-party service providers. This can happen across borders, meaning your info might go from your country to other countries around the world.

Although legal requirements may vary from country to country, our goal is to protect your personal information no matter where it's collected, transferred, or stored. We want to keep it safe and private

Part - VI: Our Cookie Policy

Disabling Cookies

Weiilla collects your personal data in different ways for various purposes. We use cookies to gather statistics about visitors. However, in many cases, there are no standard methods to turn off these cookies.

If you disable cookies, some features may not work correctly. So, it's usually best not to disable them when using our services. To disable cookies, you'd need to completely turn off their features and functions. If you're not sure whether you should do this, it's often a good idea to leave cookies enabled.

Cookies We Use

  • Form Cookies - When you submit your information through a form, the cookies will set a reminder over the user details for future references.
  • Site Preference Cookies - For making your experience better, we let you pick your site preferences for convenience. For example, you can choose to save a password on a site, so you don't have to type it in every time you visit.
  • Third-Party Cookies - We use some third-party cookies that track your activity, like how much time you spend using our product and what you're interested in based on what you do on our site. This helps us make our product better and meet your expectations.

    For example, we use Google Analytics, a widely trusted tool, to understand what you like about our product and what we can improve.

    When it comes to selling products, these cookies help us gather data on who's visiting and how many people are making purchases. This helps us measure our performance and business metrics accurately.

    We also use advertising to support our services and generate funds for further development. Behavioral advertising cookies make sure you see ads that match your interests.

    Additionally, we have social media widgets like Facebook's 'Likes' and Twitter's 'Tweet' button. These widgets let you interact with our content on your social media by liking, sharing, commenting, or tweeting.

Note: If you're still not sure whether to enable cookies, it's generally safe to leave them on.

Part - VII: General

HIPPA, GDPR Compliance

Weiilla is completely abided by health sector laws and compliances like HIPPA and GDPR to protect sensitive health/ medical information from breaches of any kind.

No Third-Party Banner Ads

We don't currently show third-party banner ads on our Services, and we have no plans to do so. However, if we ever decide to introduce them, we'll make sure to update this Privacy Policy.

Policy Updates and Notifications

Sometimes, we might need to make changes or updates to our Privacy Policy. When that happens, we'll let you know about the important changes. We'll also update the "Last modified" date at the top of this Privacy Policy. It's a good idea to check our Privacy Policy from time to time to stay informed and avoid any misunderstandings.

Need More Assistance?

We at Weiilla are committed to providing you the best possible services. If you have any queries related to the functioning of the app or other features revolving around the app, kindly contact us at privacy@weiilla.com.